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Interested in becoming a Rider Coach for KD Motorcycle Training?  What are the requirements? Where do you start?

      1. Contact KD Motorcycle Training-MKE to start the process (go to Contact KDMT for contact methods)
      2. Go to the MSF website for additional information on becoming a Rider Coach
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  • An Adventure in Motorcycle Physics (MSF Free Course)
    • Note: This course material is only available in the iTunes U app on iPhone or iPad.
    • Click for Course Materials
    • Course Description: Motorcyclists can improve their riding awareness and skills by acquiring a deeper understanding of the physics of riding. Although technical in nature, this content offers practical application in helping riders become more effective decision-makers as they control the inputs when operating their motorcycle on the street. This course is based upon the intellectual property of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the DVD/booklet set “The Complete Motorcyclist” published by the Institut für Zweiradsicherheit e.V.
ConsumerNotice.org ...

Consumernotice.org : Our mission is to provide a wide range of information about the different threats consumers face, including those related to motorcycle safety.

Consumernotice.org has published a motorcycle safety guide that covers the following and more:

  • Top risks
  • Helmets
  • Other vehicles
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Safety tips

Click here for the Motorcycle Safety Guide