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Interested in becoming a Rider Coach for KD Motorcycle Training?  What are the requirements? Where do you start?

      1. Contact KD Motorcycle Training-MKE to start the process (go to Contact KDMT for contact methods)
      2. Go to the MSF website for additional information on becoming a Rider Coach
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  • An Adventure in Motorcycle Physics (MSF Free Course)
    • Note: This course material is only available in the iTunes U app on iPhone or iPad.
    • Click for Course Materials
    • Course Description: Motorcyclists can improve their riding awareness and skills by acquiring a deeper understanding of the physics of riding. Although technical in nature, this content offers practical application in helping riders become more effective decision-makers as they control the inputs when operating their motorcycle on the street. This course is based upon the intellectual property of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the DVD/booklet set “The Complete Motorcyclist” published by the Institut für Zweiradsicherheit e.V.
ConsumerNotice.org ...

Consumernotice.org : Our mission is to provide a wide range of information about the different threats consumers face, including those related to motorcycle safety.

Consumernotice.org has published a motorcycle safety guide that covers the following and more:

  • Top risks
  • Helmets
  • Other vehicles
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Safety tips

Click here for the Motorcycle Safety Guide




(Classroom & Range Locations – Milwaukee Area)


* There are multiple Classroom location options for a given class, depending on class size and venue availability.  All possible location(s) are in the Muskego/New Berlin area, and are listed below.  The specific venue will be shown in the registration schedule. 

If the venue changes from what is on the schedule for unplanned reasons, you will be notified well in advance of the classroom session.

Muskego Public Library

S73W16663 Janesville Road
Muskego, WI 53150

Google Map
Library Website

St. Paul’s Church Conference Room

S66 W14325 W Janesville Rd
Muskego, WI 53150

Google Map
Parking Info
Classroom Church Bldg Entry Info

Muskego Moose Lodge

S86 W21693 Janesville Road
Muskego, WI 53150

Google Map
Parking Info
Moose Lodge Website


New Berlin Eisenhower Middle/High School

4333 S Sunny Slope Road
New Berlin, WI 53151

Location Google Map
Range/Parking Info

KD Motorcycle Training … Providing Training to the entire State of Wisconsin




What do I need to do to prepare for and have a successful outcome and a fun and safe experience?

The following checklist will help you prepare for the classroom and range for your class.



  • Know classroom location & be on time
  • Driver’s License
  • Copies of all required forms/waivers
  • eCourse certificate
  • Pen/pencil
  • Snack/Beverage
  • Well rested & positive attitude
  • Mask & social distancing per CDC requirements



  • Know range location & be on time
  • Riding Gear  (Helmet, Eye Protection, Gloves, Jacket / Shirt, Pants, Footwear)  *
  • Appropriate clothing for weather
  • Beverages & snacks (to stay hydrated & satiate hunger)
  • Ride your bicycle for 5-10 miles (more the better) prior to range to get used to balancing, turning, and eye movement
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Positive attitude
  • Mask & social distancing per CDC requirements


* All safety gear is required in order to participate in a rider course.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these requirements. 
If a student does not have a helmet, gloves or eye protection, the training-site has these items available for loan

IMPORTANT ... Additional Riding Gear Information
  • HELMET (DOT-APPROVED):  Participants must use either a full-face or three-quarter DOT-approved helmet; HALF-HELMETS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Participants should bring their own helmet for best fit & comfort.
  • FACE-SHIELD / EYE PROTECTION:  Eye protection is required either via a helmet face-shield and/or a student’s eye glasses/goggles.  All eye protection should be free of scratches and clear, as it is important for the instructor(s) to see your eyes for proper instruction and evaluation.
  • GLOVES:   Gloves must be full-fingered with no holes. No part of a participant’s hands can be exposed.  Students should bring their own gloves for better fit & comfort. Motorcycle specific gloves are recommended, but not required.
  • JACKET & PANTS:  Long-sleeves & pants are required. There must be no holes, rips or tears. Students should bring different layers of clothing as weather changes throughout the day.
  • BOOTS:  Over-the-ankle footwear is required. Leather boots are highly recommended!  However, students may wear non-canvas hi-top tennis shoes as long as they cover the ankle bones.  Again, no canvas hi-tops allowed! There are No Exceptions to this rule.
    Note: it is highly recommended to have boots with minimal to no heel, especially for students with smaller feet.  A high heel tends to catch on the foot peg, making shifting and braking more difficult.


For more information on protective riding gear or to answer any of your questions, contact Moto Union (in the Milwaukee area) or Tytlers Cycle (in the Green Bay area).